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Adam Blackadder is a dedicated healthcare professional who graduated from the prestigious Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2021. With a deep passion for holistic wellbeing, Adam is committed to helping his clients achieve optimal health and wellness through osteopathic principles and practices.

    My Story

    Following his graduation, Adam has embarked on a journey of lifelong learning, actively
    pursuing continuing education in cranial sacral therapy and visceral manipulation. Through
    these modalities, Adam aims to enhance his understanding of the intricate connections
    between the body's structures and systems to provide comprehensive care to his clients.
    In addition to his expertise in osteopathy, Adam is also a certified Functional Range
    Conditioning (FRC) practitioner. This specialization enables him to address movement
    dysfunction and optimize joint function by utilizing mobility training techniques. Adam's FRC
    certification further enhances his ability to provide a well-rounded approach to client care,
    promoting full-body wellness.
    With a holistic approach to treatment, Adam aims to address the root causes of his clients'
    health issues rather than simply addressing the symptoms. He prioritizes thorough
    assessments and comprehensive treatments tailored to each individual, taking into account
    their unique needs, goals, and concerns.
    Adam is known for his compassionate and empathetic nature, always striving to create a
    comfortable and supportive environment for his clients. His commitment to ongoing education
    ensures that he stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in his field, allowing him to
    provide the most effective and evidence-based treatments.
    In his free time, Adam enjoys exploring nature, practicing mindfulness, and staying active
    through various physical activities. His passion for health and wellbeing extends beyond his
    professional practice and is deeply ingrained in his personal life as well.
    As a dedicated osteopath, continuing education student in cranial sacral therapy and visceral
    manipulation, and a certified FRC practitioner, Adam Blackadder is poised to make a
    significant impact on the health and wellness of his clients. Through his holistic approach to
    care and ongoing pursuit of knowledge, Adam is committed to guiding individuals toward
    optimal health and empowering them to live their best lives.


    Adam is taking new clients at RSC

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