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The Strength and Conditioning Program offers fully coached training sessions that will teach you how to become mobile and lift properly to effectively strengthen your body. Each day the S&C program has a different movement focus. It alternates between upper body dominant functional movements (bench press, overhead press, pull ups, and carries) with lower body dominant functional movements (squats, deadlifts, push and drag).  By scheduling our program this way, it allows you to train your muscles hard enough to produce strength gains, and allow you to effectively rest those muscles without causing over-training.

The small group class setting will allow you to push harder, be held accountable, and build relationships with other members more than if you were training on your own. This allows you to become a part of a community of people who support you and your goals. The Strength and 

Conditioning Program is like having a one-on-one personal training experience without the personal training price tag.

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