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Updated: Jun 19

What is the Onramp program and why is it so important?

At Rural Strength and Conditioning, we understand how intimidating and scary starting a new workout routine, in a new gym can be. We want to help make the transition as easy as possible so that you will stick to your plan long enough to see some real results. For us, your journey is not just a "6 week summer shred". We want to see you thrive and make some lasting changes so that you have years of functional movement and an active life. We want to set each member up for absolute success.

That is why we start each client journey with a one-on-one consultation. This way we can get to know you, your goals, your past history, and work together to build a plan of attack. Most of our members next step is the Onramp. This program is four, 1 hour long sessions in the gym where we teach you exactly what to do when you come to your first class. We work with your and any limitations you may have to create the best warm up for you before class and cool down after the class. We also teach you the more technical lifts that will come up in our CrossFit program so that you can go in to a class comfortable with the movements and confident to ask any questions. Most regular gym goers typically haven't performed a Snatch or Clean and Jerk before so if it gets programmed into a workout, we want to be sure you know what to expect. The Onramp is also there to build your body up to the intensity of the classes slowly so that you are not just jumping into the deep end so to speak stepping in to a class with no prior experience.

At the end of the final gym session we also sit down with you for a habit forming session. This is where the real magic happens. Most people come to the gym an average of 3 days/week. That's only 3 hours out of 168 total hours in the week. Sure we can make lots of progress in the gym, but we can make a ton more in the rest of those hours! Expect to chat all things sleep, stress, food, and hydration. We will send you home with a booklet and some homework to help keep you on track for the first 30 days.

The last piece of the Onramp puzzle is a check in. We schedule a 30 day check in after you start your classes to make sure we are on track to accomplish our goals. In this session we can adjust anything that needs adjusting or take the opportunity for a high five and a 'keep up the awesome work!'

We want to make you feel empowered to have your fitness and health in your own hands. We are here for you every step of the way and never want you to feel alone or too nervous to ask for help. With the Onramp, you will have all the tools to confidently join a class and change your life!

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