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Our Mission Statement

With our 10 year anniversary of the gym coming up next week we wanted to touch back on why it all started.

In 2013, Coach Sarah moved home from London to help her family on the dairy farm. It was quickly apparent that there were not a lot of fitness outlets around. In an area where it is easier to drive everywhere rather than walk; easier to stay out late and drink on weekends rather than prioritize fitness, the only options were 24 hour fitness facilities. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of gyms, they don't exactly help if you don't know what you are doing.

One Friday night at an MHL hockey game, Sarah and Shawn got chatting about this need and how we could fill it. This chat turned into a vision which quickly became reality. We had the knowledge and the passion to create a fully coached facility where we could prioritize education and technique. We wanted our athletes to not only learn how to move well but also empower them to make healthier choices outside of the gym. We prioritized teaching our members how to lift safely, push themselves and each other, as well reach goals they didn't know they had.

Our mission has always been to educate and empower our community to be the best versions of themselves. We also wanted to create a business where we could give back to our community. We are so happy that we are able to sponsor Walkerton FC, Walkerton Minor Hockey, Local Baseball teams, South Bruce Minor Hockey, The Run4Health, The Hospital Foundation and many more.

I look back at those first years with a lot of fond memories. So many lifelong friendships created in the gym. Lots of trips to competitions, lots of smiles, laugher, tears, and PRs. Lots of weddings, babies, and personal growth have been shared. Some of my personal happiest moments have been shared with our gym family. Most of our early members were at my wedding to Alex 9 years ago. Our son Finnley was born during the CrossFit Open in 2018 so we came in the day after to a decorated 'It's a boy!' gym to cheer everyone on. We have also shared in a lot of our members darkest times and I am so honoured they have felt safe in the gym space during those hardships.

If it wasn't for our amazing gym family, we would have closed our doors during the almost 3 years of Covid lock downs.

Slowly our coaching team also grew to what it is today. All of our coaches started out as members who not only had a passion for fitness but also a passion for helping others reach their potential.

The last decade has been an absolute blast. I look forward to what the next 10 years has in store!

  • Coach Sarah

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